The Causes of ESN are fields around which the whole network works. They are a translation of our mission, vision, and values into the activity that sections organise every day, providing more opportunities for projects and collaboration in the network.


The ESN causes and ESN Nancy

Culture is the knowledge and characteristics of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music, and arts. Culture is also a set of shared patterns of behaviours and interactions, cognitive constructs and understanding that are learned by socialisation. Through the different activities ESN organises, we try to show the local culture in a intercultural dimension.
Education and youth
As an organisation made of students, ESN works with the aim of involving young people, especially international students, in the local society. We also consider education as something that can change society and believe that education must have this international dimension.
Health and well being
Health and Well-being can be defined as the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental wellness. It is a combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors. ESN fights to assure a healthy mobility experience.
Skills and employability
Through an international mobility, we develop many skills that will be useful in our future employment. ESN believes in the development of these skills and works to assure that every international student has the opportunity to do so.
Social Inclusion
There are two main directions ESN is working towards in the field of social inclusion: widening participation and social integration. First, we aim to widen the participation of students with fewer opportunities, that are underrepresented in the Erasmus+ programme through the promotion of mobility opportunities and advocating for more accessible and inclusive mobility programs. Secondly, we aim to increase the interaction between exchange students and local communities in order to instigate social engagement and intercultural dialogue to foster global and active citizenship and intercultural awareness.
Environmental Sustainability
During an international mobility we can develop a connection with the environment too. ESN wants to raise awareness of the environmental problematic our planet is suffering. We believe that international students can be a motor of change for local society on this aspect