The survival guide for the years 2018-2019 by ESN Nancy is available online !

You will find numerous pieces of advices and informations that are super useful for you to prepare your arrival and get the best out of your student exchange in France. The guide is divided into 5 parts : 

- ESN Nancy and our activities to learn more about our association, which will help you all along your stay.

- The studies : because you will come to Nancy for that of course, you can indeed discover in this part the campuses, services that are reserved for students and events just for you !

- Live in Nancy : discover the city of Nancy and it's culture : museums, parks, sports and big events, as well as Lorraine's culture.

- The paperwork : because we all know it's the less amusing part of your stay, make sure that you have made all of them. Do not hesitate to contact our volunteers via our facebook page or account, 'Mira Bellix'. You will also find our advices on accomodation, telephone and Internet, plus some tips on transportation in Nancy or for travelling.

- The tips : ESN Nancy gives you some pieces of advice on where to eat and party! 

As a bonus, you will find a small french-to-english lexicon as well as a list of usefull telephone numbers during your stay.


See you soon !